The post-summer hair care guide

by Amy Yeung

Did you know that during summer time, your hair will get dried out due to the sun, sea water, ultraviolet rays, air-conditioning, and swimming pool chlorine? But unlike hair that is over-processed, the damage done by these summer elements is largely repairable. We recommend three solutions to take care your hair after summer time!

1. Hair oil can achieve the effect of care

Our hair has been exposed to ultraviolet rays during summer, which makes the hair scales open and the hair become more susceptible to damage and frizz. Hair oil can penetrate nutrients into the inner layer of the hair. After shampooing, dry the excess water on the hair, and apply hair oil to the ends of the hair. Make hair moisturized.

2. The correct way of using a hair dryer!

Even in summer, girls with long hair can hardly wait for their hair to dry naturally. There are skills to use a hair dryer! It is necessary to use both hot air and cold air alternately to prevent the hair from becoming hard and damaged due to the overheating of the heat. Use cold air to be the final touch. It can prevent the spread of frizzy and damaged hair!!

3. Get enough protein!

Protein is an important nutrient for healthy hair and skin. They’re filled with hydrating and strengthening ingredients that help temporarily fill in the cracks and gaps in your damaged hair cuticle so it's stronger and more resilient. Even though they are really excellent for damaged hair, protein treatments should not use too much. Too much protein can actually leave you with overly stiff hair. It is recommended that you load up on a protein treatment one or two times a month.

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